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Acreage For Sale

Welcome to the Farm and Ranch Exchange’s Acreage For Sale Section. It is 100% Free Classifieds, 100% of the Time! Feel free to list everything from a simple 10 acreage country home for sale, to the massive 10,000 acre ranch for sale.

Acreages, Ranches and Farms For Sale

If you are looking for your next acreage for sale, were glad you stopped by! Here on the Farm and Ranch Exchange, you can find your next home sweet home. You can browse our acreages for sale by the map to find something locally or if your looking to find a great deal then browse our listings of farms and ranches for sale deeper on the page.

How Many Acres For Sale..

Are you wanting to move to country and start your own farm? Do you know what the government considers a farm or ranch? Boy, You are in luck today! The government considers any size of land that produces and sells $1,000 in product a farm! That means you can find your next acreage for sale and start your very own tax-deducting farm!

Finding the perfect acreage for sale is tricky thing.. You have to know before hand what exactly you are planning to do with the property. If your wanting to start farming, then you would be looking for a acreage for sale that has less fences and outbuildings with a good soil composition. However if you were looking to raise livestock, then you would be looking for an acreage for sale that has just the opposite!

Acreage Sales

For those of you who may not know, a single acre is equivalent to 43,560 Square Feet. That’s 66 feet wide by 660 feet long piece of land! Which means if your looking for acreage, most times it is 40 acres or less. Anything more than that is often considered a Farm or Ranch especially considering if it has any outbuildings, pens, or equipment. Feel Free to browse our acreages for sale and see if you can find the perfect property!

Did You know that one in three farming acres planted is going to be exported! One U.S. Farm feeds 168 people both in the United States and Overseas. You should know that for every single dollar spent at the store, the farmer or rancher only receives 16 cents of that!

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