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Hay For Sale

Welcome the Farm and Ranch Exchange’s Hay For Sale Area. You have found yourself in the right place, where it is 100% Free Classifieds, 100% of the Time!

Find Any Type of Hay For Sale

With over 65 thousand tons of hay produced in just 10 states, You can be sure to find the right hay for sale here on the Farm and Ranch Exchange! Whether you looking for Small Squares, Big Rounds, or Big Squares it’s all available!

From Our Hands to Yours, We Thank you For Stopping By!

How Much Hay For Sale?

If your a hobby farm owner looking for just a few bales of hay then be sure to browse locally by state with the map up above. If your a large commercial operation in need of truck loads of hay for sale, be sure to browse the business directories to find a trucking service for delivery!

Don’t scramble at the last minute to restock your feed supply, be sure to come back often for new listings! We offer everything from grass hay for sale, to alfalfa for sale and everything in between.

Tips on Purchasing Hay For Sale

Just a few quick tips on purchasing you next high quality hay load. First off, the moisture content should not be over 22% on small square hay bales and 18% on large round hay bales. If higher, then I think we both know the dreaded mold begins to set in..

If you are continually buying hay for sale, then you should try to find the right hay supplier. Talk with them about their yearly cuttings, and when they harvest. Some people try to increase yields on their hay fields, but this comes at a small sacrifice, as the later the cutting is ( past the ideal time to cut) the more nutrient loss there is. This is why it is always ideal to have the hay your looking to purchase be tested. Some farmers go ahead and test their hay before they put it up for sale.

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