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Horses For Sale

Welcome to The Farm and Ranch Exchange’s Horses For Sale Area. With the Farm and Ranch Exchange it is just 100% Free Ads, 100% of the Time!

Just 100% Free Ads With Horses For Sale

With total horse sales over 1.3 Billion dollars annually, you have come to right place to find your new equine friend! All breeds are welcome here including Quarter Horses, Draft Horses, Mules, Donkeys, Thoroughbreds, Appendix Quarter’s and Much More!!

From Our Hands to Yours, We Thank you For Stopping By!

Finding the Perfect Horse For Sale

I think we all have been there…..You are looking for a bombproof horse for sale that your little one can ride, or maybe your looking for the next speed demon barrel racer! You have been to auctions, watched the newspaper but there is just not anything local. It sure is tough finding that perfect horse for sale.  You can zoom in on the map above to find your next horse for sale locally, or browse below and see if anything catches your eye.

Tips on Buying Horses For Sale

If you are looking to buy your first horse, then we have compiled a short list to help with both sides of the sale. First off, you will want to nice visual examination. Check the horses mouth for cuts and scrapes. Check the horses feet for abscesses which will cause a very unusual smell. If the horse for sale your buying seems very tense, walk them out and try to get the horse to relax. If the inspection on the horse goes well, saddle them up and ride the horse out. Look for any sign of lameness, limping, favoring one side, etc. See if your new found horse throws their head a lot, as this could be a sign of discomfort. Some people are afraid of getting an old horse.  The horse that is 16-to-18 years old may have a very useful life span left, particularly for the beginning horse person. Horses are living longer with the proper care and worming that is out there today, and the older horse can be a great introduction to a life with horses.  If you have found a good, solid horse, make sure they have not foundered. A Horse becomes more prone to foundering if they have in the past. A Vet or Farrier will be able to help you with this one. The hooves of good horse should be dense and a little bit elastic. If the horses hooves are brittle and won’t hold a shoe than this turns into a constant worry about the riding ability of the horse.

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