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Horse Trailers For Sale

Welcome the Farm and Ranch Exchanges Stock and Horse Trailers For Sale Area. Whether your looking for your next stock trailer or horse trailer for sale, be sure to browse the entire classified section here to find your perfect horse trailer for sale!

Stock Or Horse Trailer For Sale…?

You Decide! Only you will know the intended purpose of you new trailer! Some Horse Trailers For Sale do have an option for a folding middle divider, so they can be used as a light stock trailer. Horse trailers with living quarters have a estimated $323 million dollar annual sales in the USA. Here at the Farm and Ranch Exchange, we are excited to be a part your next sale!

What Type of Horse Trailers For Sale??

This is the question that many horse owners face. Tack Room, Living Quarters, Bumper pull or Goose neck. The options are endless for horse trailers. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. The main point most horse owners face is their budget. Horse Trailers For Sale with living quarters are typically more expensive than the standard run-of-the-mill 2 horse bumper pull. However, this leaves a nice option of having a camper and horse trailer all in one! Bumper pull or Goose neck horse trailer? Bumper pulls are typically cheaper and a little easier to see around. Goose necks are very maneuverable and ride a lot better though. The choice is yours!

Stock and Horse Trailer Fun Facts

Did you know that the Bloomer Outlaw Horse Trailer retails for $268,000 Dollars! Whew, That is a big chunk of change for a horse trailer! This particular horse trailer does come with 2 TV’s, Microwave, Fridge, 2 Sofas, and Tons of custom woodwork!

Many of the very first horse trailers were actually horse-drawn ambulances used by fire departments.  Horse injuries were common at city accidents and they needed a way to quickly transport wounded but savable horses back to the firehouse for veterinary care.

Everybody knows the Budweiser Clydesdale but did you know how they are transported? Three 50-foot tractor-trailers are needed to transport the horses and equipment and they are on the road 10 months out of the year.  They stop each night at a stable so the horses can rest.  The trailers feature air-cushioned suspension and thick rubber flooring.

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