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Miscellaneous Items For Sale

You can use the search bar above to find farm equipment for sale or exactly what you need, or simply browse below to see if anything peaks your interest! If you find something you like, you can always send a message by clicking on the contact seller button. If you really really like it, you can always share it with your friends via your favorite social media!

Since the rural community is very spread out, and most of the time we have never heard of the towns the sellers live in, we have provided a handy map above, so you can see where the farm equipment for sale is located at within the USA. Simply click on the map pin to see what equipment is available there.

If your looking for new farm equipment, you have to come to the right place! It is 100% free to list any farm equipment for sale! Everything from Combines to Tractors to Balers, It’s all Welcome!

We are your #1 source for connecting agriculture in the USA!

We understand how hard it is make a living as a farmer. One year things are booming and commodities are sky high, but in the blink of a eye the next year is record lows. Such is the life of a farmer, but one thing remains….your equipment must be reliable! Whether you looking to finally retire that 67′ Oliver tractor, or your simply just starting out farming,  You can be sure to find your next farm equipment for sale here on the Farm and Ranch Exchange!

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