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HeatMaster SS G200 Outdoor Wood Furnace

$ 10,995
Make HeatMaster SS Model G200
Apr 19, 2017

Outdoor Wood Boilers

Outdoor Wood Boilers are an increasingly popular home heating option for eliminating high heating bills. What heat source is cheaper than wood? Wood heating is also much more environmentally friendly than other fossil fuels that are non-renewable and using modern wood burning technology, you can now burn wood while making virtually no smoke. Now thanks to HeatMaster, we present to you the best outdoor wood boiler.

HeatMaster SS G-Series

The HeatMaster SS G-Series uses state of the art wood gasification technology which allows it to burn up to 50% less wood than traditional outdoor wood boilers. Wood is heated and turned to a gas which is burned in a chamber below the fire box. This secondary burn chamber causes a much hotter burn all but eliminating smoke and… Smoke is unused energy.


  • Wood Gasification Technology for greater efficiency.
  • 409 titanium enhanced stainless steel construction to tolerate wear and tear and resist corrosion better than other steels.
  • All Heatmaster furnaces are backed by HeatMaster’s industry famous limited lifetime warranty.
  • Much Much More… Visit our website for much more info.

Outdoor wood furnaces eliminate risk from fire by moving the fire outdoors and eliminate the mess of hauling wood inside. All the perks of burning wood with none of the dangers.


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